About Us

Clockwise is an exclusive watch retailer in pre-owned and new watches, established in May 1997. The shop is located in the beautiful old harbour city called Hellevoetsluis. After years of passion and dedication to the luxury watches, Clockwise grew untill it’s presence nowadays.

At the young age of 4, passion and interest grew by the owner of Clockwise called Ruud, by disassembling beautiful mechanical clocks. His grandma’s clock, the alarm clock of his mom and the gold pocket watch of his dad.. The reactions were overwhelming!

After finishing high school, the education of “watchmaker” has been followed with succes. After obtaining this coveted certificate in 1980 at Schoonhoven, Ruud immediately started working as clock and watch-repairer at a reputable jewelry store at Rotterdam. A lot of experience was obtained and interest grew more towards the mechanical watches than clocks.
Since 1982, Ruud’s own maintenance atelier has been established.

Nowadays, the atelier is utilised 24/7 with pleasure. After the years went by, Ruud specialized into the maintenance of the luxury brands.

In 2006, the maintenance atelier has been moved and a showroom has been added with all luxury brands pre-owned and new.

Our Address

Westkade 3a, 3221 AV Hellevoetsluis